Darlene Zschech on Moving Forward After a Miscarriage

Unknown to many, renowned Australian worship leader and singer-songwriter Darlene Zschech suffered a miscarriage at one point of her life.

Zschech acknowledges the pain and heartbreak that comes with losing her baby. She also shares how she journeyed forward despite the loss, how she coped with this challenge.

Watch the video below and be inspired 🙂

A Campaign that Matters: Unilab PH’s #HusayatMalasakit

Sometimes, we end up associating advertisements or marketing campaigns just about selling a product. And so when it goes beyond this consideration, I think we should not just sit and notice. I think we, the consuming public, should appreciate the effort.

When Unilab PH unveiled their Husay and Malaskit campaign, I think we Filipinos did see and notice the difference. How could we not? It reminded us living is not just going about life without a care for what is excellent, without dedication and without care for others.

Unilab PH came up with videos that talked about their own dedication to husay and malasakit. But more than that they came up with videos and campaigns through blog posts and social media reminding all of us– we are where we are today because somebody enough cared to encourage us to excel, somebody cared enough to support us and even sacrificed for us so we could be better versions of ourselves.  We are reminded that whatever version of success we stand on today, somebody guided us, nudged us tirelessly towards it.

May it be that other companies  also make marketing initiatives every now and then that not only talk about how wonderful their product is. That there is more to advertising and marketing than “looking good or being the best” or getting the most profit. That sometimes the best way that our product or business can make a difference is promoting others first 🙂


ISIS Militant Converts to Christianity

While the world reels from attacks done by Islamic State (ISIS) militant, the last few months have also seen the conversion of an ISIS militant into Christianity.

According to reports, a Youth With a Mission (YWAM) worker got to know an ISIS fighter who admitted not only to killing a number of Christians but also enjoyed doing it.

That is, until he encountered Jesus in a dream.

The jihadist told the YWAM personnel that he had begun having dreams of this man in white who came to him and said, ‘You are killing my people.’ He, reportedly, began to feel really sick and uneasy about what he was doing.

The militant was also given a Bible by a Christian man who was about to be killed. He accepted the Bible and began to read it. And then in another dream, Jesus asked him to follow him.


He is now asking to become a follower of Christ and to be discipled.

Kevin Sutter, current president of YWAM Frontier Missions, noted that there’s a lesson to be learnt here: not assuming that ISIS militants are “out of each of God’s grace and out of reach of God’s spirit”.

He adds that there are “gospel programmes going out in Arabic throughout the region, radio and TV and there is a huge response.”

“Many people are now following Jesus but they keep it quiet,” says Sutter. “They haven’t gone public about it. They even have church in their own home, they’re watching, they’ll serve Communion to one another as they’re watching TV.”

And so while ISIS militants are in control of huge swathes of Iraq and Syria, it doesn’t really mean that the Gospel has no means of capturing them.

Based on reports from Christiantoday.com
Photo: Arvind Balaraman/freedigitalphotos.net